What are some of the styles I can use for my bathroom?

The term perfect bathroom is a rather subjective one, because each person has their own idea about perfection and, therefore, also about the perfection of their own bathroom. Although it may seem daunting, especially in the case of a renovation, if you observe some basic rules, you can get the best out of your space by organizing the bathroom that, in your opinion, is perfect. As always, we recommend that you consider your personal style, but always taking into account the size of the environment, its condition and, of course, the style with which you have furnished the rest of the house so that your bathroom is in perfect harmony with the rest of your home. The bathroom can be organized as a space of relaxation, a small escape from the routine where you can take a break, enjoying our intimacy. Before you think about bathroom design, you should ask yourself what exactly we want to achieve from our bathroom. Will it be your little oasis of serenity and peace, or perhaps a haven of self-expression where you can give vent to creativity?

Eclectic style bathrooms:

For those who are not satisfied with a simple bathroom, an eclectic style bathroom could be what you need. Colours, shapes and patterns only know the boundaries of your imagination. You don’t necessarily have to find a balance or coherence between the various furnishing elements, the key to this style is in fact the creation of elegant inconsistencies. The rule is: the more colourful it is, the better!

Minimalist style bathrooms:

Minimalism favours clean lines, simple and neutral colours: when designing a bathroom in a minimalist style, therefore, you will have to choose accessories with essential shapes, which will not fill the environment too much with their presence. True to the motto Less is more, we advise you to always think that what is less demanding will be perfect for your bathroom. A minimalist bathroom will therefore need a lot of space to give you the option of using furniture that is low, but that can hold all your beauty and body care products. In terms of walls and floors, strong and neutral tones work better, although in this case the choice of materials is not so important.

Modern style bathrooms:

A modern bathroom can be coloured, simple, or mix bright colours and neutral colours. The only rule is that to be defined as “modern” the space must remain true to current trends. Those who opt for this style must be willing to change the environment according to the trends of the period, always remaining in step with the times. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a linear furniture, with timeless shapes and let the decorations and accessories change with fashion.

Country style bathrooms:

Country style bathrooms normally have a comfortable and warm atmosphere, thanks to the presence of floral motifs, soft shapes, and real plants and flowers scattered here and there. Decorative elements are very important when it comes to this style, but always make sure you don’t exaggerate. Rattan chairs, light curtains and creamy white and pastel shades are just some of the best ways to transform your bathroom into a place that will surprise you every day and that will make you feel always on holiday, maybe in some Bed & Breakfast in the Tuscan countryside.

Bathrooms in rustic style:

Those who are interested in a rustic style bathroom should first of all have a passion for wood. This warm material will be the protagonist of your entire bathroom, both on the floor and walls and for the various pieces of furniture. In rustic bathrooms, there are often free-standing bathtubs and decorative elements such as aluminium buckets for dirty linen or elements that seem to have been consumed by time. In conclusion, whatever style you choose for your home, remember that it must be in tune with that decided for the other areas of your home.

What happens if I have a small bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom you have no reason to worry, in fact inside our platform you will find a lot of ideas for this type of bathroom! So the size will not have to worry you, because it is not the space that matters, but the way in which it is used. A small bathroom just needs a little more creative ideas, because you have to think carefully about the spaces and how many storage units you will need and can be inserted in the environment. Cosmetics and bathroom products are inevitable, so if you have little space you can think of using a mirror cabinet to hang on the wall. As a general rule, remember to use light colors and soft colors, limit the decorations focusing on the brightness of the environment and the functional use of spaces.

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