The shower tray: Endless solutions for all tastes

Choosing a shower tray has never been so creative.

Gone are the days when the only solution was to choose an enamelled shower tray!

Infinite materials, shapes, solutions and sizes of shower trays for an increasingly modern, modern and functional shower design to match any type of shower enclosure.

The shower area naturally consists of several pieces; the first element to choose is the shower tray.

How to choose the shower tray?

First of all, you have to evaluate the available sizes, i.e. how much space you have available not only for the shower tray, but also for the free areas in front of and on the sides, and decide where to place it with respect to the bathroom.

In addition to calculating the floor space of the shower tray you must also consider the vertical projection of the shower box, so you must be careful if you decide to place the shower box next to a window or door.

What are the models of the shower trays?

The types are different depending on the way in which the shower tray is to be installed.

The most traditional is the supporting shower tray:

is higher than the floor level, so it creates a step. It is the most widely used where there are problems with the slope of the drain because you can use the height of the plate to give more slope to the water drain pipe.

The most functional and practical is the flush floor shower tray: no steps are created between the tray and the floor, but it is as if the shower tray were a continuation of the floor itself. This type of shower tray is mandatory if you have to provide a bathroom for disabled people, as it is also accessible with a wheelchair, but it is also the favorite of designers for its clean and elegant aesthetics. Of course, it is also the easiest to clean. Sometimes it may not be possible to install it if the discharge slope is too low. The drain hole is larger than that of the support plates to facilitate the flow of wastewater.

There is also an intermediate solution: the built-in shower tray. This is partially inserted into the screed but still forms a small step with the floor.

What materials are available for the shower trays?

In addition to the classic ceramic, which is now also offered in colors other than the evergreen white, there are many different materials used. Let’s see which are the most used and the most innovative:

  • The acrylic shower tray is the best solution in all cases where you need a custom shower tray because this material can be cut to size, even on site, and is therefore ideal for small or problematic. It is also a long-lasting material with a very attractive texture.
  • In resin: Now very famous, it is a durable material and proposed for some time.
  • In a mix of marble powders or natural minerals and resins: non-slip and stain-resistant, and workable to measure. These plates are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, from the most classic marble effect to the parquet effect.
  • In a mix of minerals, resins and gels: very resistant and easy to clean because they are not porous.

Then there are plates in other materials: those in transparent resin with embedded stones or stones, the simplest in place consisting of tiles. Smooth, knurled, non-slip, stain-resistant, or in natural stone, more delicate but aesthetically beautiful…

All that’s left to do is to let yourself be impressed by the atmosphere that we like best! And knowing that simply asking for a “shower tray” is as generic as you can say!

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