Shower Room or Bathtub? Both with the Wall over the Bathtub!

Those lucky enough to have two bathrooms usually choose to install a practical shower box in one of them, and possibly to get in the other bathroom a space dedicated to relaxation by opting for a bathtub, perhaps equipped with a whirlpool.

Sometimes this is not possible, either because you have a single bathroom in which you do not want to give up the convenience of a shower, or, on the contrary, because the house is equipped only with a bathtub.

Often you decide to replace the old bathtub, or to give up a whirlpool bath preferring the shower cabin, forgetting that there is a very practical technical solution, and now also design, able to transform a bathtub into a shower-tub design.

The solution is called a wall over the bathtub, or a shower box on a bathtub.

The installation of a custom-made over-bath wall is extremely fast, and avoids the shedding of water just like a shower enclosure. In addition, if you opt for quality products, it is also extremely pleasing from an aesthetic point of view.

The length of the glass wall can be defined according to the available space, the type of bathtub, and personal needs. Often different solutions are proposed, but the essential thing is that you opt for quality products that guarantee beauty and safety of use.

The best solutions are essentially 2:

  • the fixed over-bath wall made up of a single panel fixed to the bathtub
  • the fixed over-bath wall with opening door also equipped with a sort of “door” that can be opened.

In both cases, in order to make everything aesthetically pleasing, it is advisable that the design is minimal and essential, that the solution is safe and durable over time is that the uprights and hinges are made of stainless steel, and that the glass is tempered and of a suitable thickness (Calibe offers tempered glass of up to 8 mm for this solution!), this is because when using a shower box on a bathtub, it is much easier to hit the panels over the bathtub than it happens in a common shower box.

A last element to consider when choosing the supply of a wall over the bathtub is the possibility of having a tailored: this is essential both when you want to calibrate at will the length of the panel itself, and when you are working on a bathtub of particular shapes.

At this point you just have to indulge in the furnishing of your own bathroom!

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