Shower Enclosure Ideas

The shower tray: Endless solutions for all tastes

Choosing a shower tray has never been so creative. Gone are the days when the only solution was to choose an enamelled shower tray! Infinite materials, shapes, solutions and sizes of shower trays for an increasingly modern, modern and functional shower design to match any type of shower enclosure. The shower area naturally consists of several pieces; the […]

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The Crystal and Acrylic Shower Enclosure: Safety, Hygiene and Aesthetics of the Shower Panels

Today the most used material for the realization of shower enclosures (shower panels) is tempered glass. A few years ago, especially in the purchase of shower enclosures at low cost and for the so-called “second bathroom”, was advocated the choice of acrylic doors. The uninitiated were therefore mistakenly led to believe that the acrylic shower panels were the […]

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