How often do you have to replace the towels in the bathroom?

Some people who are particularly concerned about hygiene will probably change their bath towels quite frequently, while those who are more careless may not realize that they continue to use the same for a week or even more.

Beyond personal preferences and habits, what is the correct frequency – scientifically speaking – to replace wipes? Philip Tierno, microbiologist, and pathologist at the prestigious New York University School of Medicine, who after careful studies has come to a rather disconcerting conclusion: if the fabric can not dry completely, then it is better not to use the same towels for more than three consecutive times. When the fabric is quickly dried, it can be used for longer, although it is advisable not to use more than three days.

The reason is that on the surface of the fabric end up residues of body cells, water, and microbes that can find particularly favorable conditions to multiply, thanks to the humidity and higher temperatures that normally characterize the bathrooms of our homes, especially in winter.

In itself, the vast majority of these microbes do not represent a threat to health, since they are organisms that normally live on our skin. However, there are sensitive individuals who, coming into contact, for example, with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, could have adverse reactions such as redness, eczema or even infections. It is, therefore, better to change the towels once more than once less!

To ensure that the towels remain safe from contamination, a small but useful solution is to opt for bathroom accessories made of steel. This material, in fact, is not porous and therefore on its surface can not nest bacteria and other invisible threats, and the steel has the advantage of being cleaned quickly and easily.

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