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Glamour or Minimal style? Classic or Ethnic? Mediterranean or Japanese? There are many styles with which to create a bathroom and decide accordingly, bathroom furniture and accessories. In this article you will find indications and suggestions to identify YOUR bathroom style.


The renovation of a 110 square meters apartment in the historic center of bassano del grappa, a beautiful town in vicenza, built without affecting the internal division of the rooms but reinterpreting in a contemporary key the original environments of the ’60s. The bathroom? A white container on which stands out the wooden furniture and a blue shower column.

A white and bright cube is the entrance of the apartment, whose feeling of brightness is intensified by the choice of doors flush with the wall as white as the walls. The bathroom door is right here, and a glass opening created on the top of the wall illuminates it to compensate for the lack of windows.

Everything has been covered in white resin, including the shower area, in continuity with the clear interiors of the entire apartment. On this white canvas, bathroom furniture in warm wood, which occupies the entire side of the bathroom, and the shower column in blue denim (presumably) in enamelled steel stand out. Taps with a minimalist and clean design, a large full wall mirror that widens the space and a glass partition that divides the shower area without doors.

I have walked virtually through this house several times (you can do it by clicking on the links below), and each time I found a detail that struck the eye: the maxi compass and the clock at the entrance, the black hose of the hand shower, the throat handle chosen for both the bathroom and the kitchen, hanging lamps in the living area, the Eames chairs that I love (and the rocking one in the bedroom then!).

In short, it looks a lot like the house I would like.


Repetition of patterns to infinity: A bathroom with linear furnishings, enriched by a motif repeated on all the walls and amplified by the mirror. The choice of decoration made in the rest of the house (see below) is repeated here too, and is decisive for giving character to the project.

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