A marble and brass bathroom – in Toronto

I was surfing online (months ago) and I came across this bathroom made by a Canadian interior designer. Contacting her to have the photos sent to me was a moment – how would you do without social media today? – and today I’m telling you, with the excuse of talking about marble and brass, to show you how bathrooms change around the world.

Let’s start from the beginning: we are in Toronto, the designer is called Delia Mamann and this is a bathroom that was completely renovated last year.

The entire bathroom is covered in marble (from the walls to the bathtub, from the frames of the mirrors to the top of the bathroom furniture), while the metal accents are in satin-finish bronze (the taps are by an American brand Brizo – Litze collection, and perfectly matches the handles of the furniture, designed by the designer, and the frame of the shower* – even on the other side of the world is the trend for the perfect match between the metal finishes in the bathroom!)

The customers had requested a bathroom that was not too classic, but that could adapt well to the style of the existing house. The choice of marble (widely used in America and Canada) allowed them to be satisfied to perfection.

The design ideas that made me notice in the photos were linked to the shower and bathtub area, all custom-made: the large marble-clad bathtub supports the glass of the shower, designed to the full height, up to the ceiling, a solution that was also emphasized by the flat surface flush with the floor.

Looking at the images I notice several elements that (at least to me) immediately indicate the origin of the bathroom (indicatively I would have said in fact North America or Canada). Look at the photos, the more below we see if you have guessed.


The contemporary North American bathrooms have, as I said above, a recognizable style for a trained eye ? In this case we are in Canada, but little changes.

  • generally have very large bathroom furniture, on the floor, with doors and drawers not smooth (framed)
  • still often use the washbasin recessed in the top (in recent years in Italy the choice is more oriented towards the top or the countertop with integrated washbasin)
  • In the shower they use very small shower heads compared to ours (something that immediately catches my eye!)
  • often the wash basin mixers have three holes, not a single lever (I almost always notice this)
  • the toilet (we know that the bidet is almost unknown) is often a model with a backpack box with an older design, at least compared to the models now trendy in Italy. So much so that in most cases it doesn’t even appear in the photos (in fact I found it in a piece of reflection of the mirror above the bathtub, in one of the last images!)

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