5 tips on furnishing a small bathroom

A good bathroom design project should always ensure freedom of movement and a fluid development of activities within the room while enhancing the aesthetic character of the environment. Whether it is a very large bathroom or a small toilet, furniture plays a key role in terms of style and functionality.

Even the most compact bathrooms can be furnished with modern taste and at the same time achieve a balanced spatial balance, thus guaranteeing a livable and elegantly furnished environment.

To create a well-structured project, follow our guidelines on how to furnish a small bathroom.

How to furnish a small bathroom: 5 useful tips

To furnish a small bathroom it is necessary to follow a few but decisive tips that combine the knowledge necessary to achieve a design of high technical value and a good dose of aesthetic sense and stylistic taste. Specifically:

  • Select custom furnishing solutions;
  • Use high-performance materials;
  • Choose a mirror in reduced format;
  • Create a continuous and dynamic space;
  • Add a touch of personal style.

1. Choose modular furnishing solutions

When it comes to creating a “tailor-made” bathroom environment, modular furniture is the best choice. These solutions offer the possibility to take care of the furnishing in detail according to your preferences, allowing you to leave a mark of personal taste.

Plana, for example, is the collection that combines technical aspects and aesthetic qualities in essential and versatile furnishing elements that guarantee order and capacity, for a bathroom in which spatial balance and style blend perfectly.

2. Selected high-performance materials for washbasins and furniture

Excellent technical and structural qualities and high decorative potential are the inseparable combination that should characterize the materials of the bathroom. Robust and high-performance materials will ensure greater resistance over time while preserving the aesthetic image of your bathroom.

3. Choose a mirror with reduced lighting format

If you prefer small-format furnishing accessories, opt for mirrors with integrated light, a solution that ensures order and ideal brightness to carry out your routine activities in total comfort. Choosing a smaller mirror means that it is more adaptable to your bathroom space.

4. Creating a continuous and dynamic space

“Spatial flexibility” is the key term that exhaustively answers the question of how to furnish a small bathroom. In the case of smaller bathrooms it is essential to have the perception of moving in a seemingly larger environment. To give a greater sense of depth and continuity to the spaces in your bathroom, we recommend closing the shower box or bathtub with glass walls. This will create a physical boundary of space but not of sight.

5. Add a touch of colour

To add a touch of colour to your bathroom and at the same time increase the spatial perception of the room, you could cover the floor and/or walls with cold coloured materials or white tiles. You prefer neutral and versatile colours, which can be easily combined with the colour palette of the furnishing accessories.

Furnishing a small bathroom is like creating a mosaic, in which each element contributes to the creation of an aesthetic composition of modern and sophisticated design, which does not give up the comforts typical of a functional and well organized environment.

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